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February 2018, find out Savannah Kittens availability by emailing info@strawbellcats.co.uk Strawbell has one Male Savannah Adult cat for rehoming.

Mojo a Savannah Cat was rescued by Boy our Resident Trainer.  He has
spent a great deal of time and expense in bringing Mojo's health up to a superb standard.  Mojo is now in a happy home!

Bob has trained Mojo to walk on a lead, and he is very friendly with children, other Pets and
will settle into a loving home environment.  If you can give Mojo the Savannah a good loving home
please email:

Good news for Savannah Cat Breeders and Cat Lovers in the UK
F1 Savannah Kittens now available at Gayzette Bengals.   Go here to read more....

We have had a number of reports from distraught owners in the London area on cats that have gone missing:
  1. The first steps to take is to search your home and outer buildings thoroughly.
  2. Talk to your neighbours, nearest Pet Stores and local Shops about your missing cat or kitten. 
  3. Tell your Vet and the local RSPCA and provide them with a thorough description of the cat or kitten.  Remember to leave them your contact details.
  4. Put up Posters and ask your local shops if you can place them in the shop window.  Place the posters on trees outside your home or nearby.
  5. Contact your local Radio Station or Gazette and tell them your kitten is missing, they are usually kind enough to announce it on radio or put an advert in the next issue of the local newspaper.
  6. Don't think of the worse, keep looking - get everyone to help you!
  7. Let us know if and when your cat returns!


Several Litters born and already assigned to new owners!

One week old!


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Please note - there is a current demand and waiting list for all Strawbell Pedigree Kittens.

 Customers placing deposits on Strawbell Pedigree Kittens will be notified when their kittens are born and updated on their progress prior to collection! 

               Thank you for your current interest in Strawbell Pedigree Kittens.


Thank You!

We have been real busy here at Strawbell with our Savannah Cats in the Media, on
TV shows and featured in Magazines! 

Strawbell's Savannahs were on the Paul O'Grady Show on 29th October 2009
and we are very proud on how well they behaved on set!  Our Savannah Cat
 just loved all the attention she can get!

One of our Savannah cats (pictured above) is the focus of 
"The Cat Collection" magazine, issue 32. 
She is featured with her very own soft toy, a collectors item called "Tara The Savannah".

We are now approaching November and the time to make sure our Pets are sheltered, safe and secure from Fireworks.  It is good to bear in mind that some animals do have acute hearing and will be petrified of loud bangs and fireworks in general. 

New litter of Savannah to Savannah Kittens Born!

3 days old!

We are Strawbell's first Savannah Kittens and you have requested
updates on how we are all doing.

We are all now settled into our new homes and photos of us are above!


Three of us were born on the 14-Feb- 09 to our Savannah mum.

Two of us were born on 17-Feb-09 to our Bengal mum who could not care for us. 

Our Strawbell Mum felt it was very important for us to be fed constantly at such an early age.  Following attempts to try to bottle feed us for several hours, she then placed us on the floor near the Savannah that had kittens a few days previous.  Our new Savannah Mum, came out and snatched,  cleaned us and gave us a good feed and settled us into her new family.  As we all progress you should be able to observe the difference between Bengal kittens  and Savannah Kittens here.


Strawbell has received lots of fan mail about us and my best friend below Lady Athena.  We wanted to let you all know how things are doing.

We are now big Savannah Queens living at Strawbell in the UK having lots of fun! 

Our journey from the US to Strawbell in the UK was comfortable and the staff on both sides of the Ocean took great care of us. 

Our mum from Strawbell in the UK had to drag us out of the "UK Animal Reception Centre" because we were loved by so many people who though we looked so unusual! 

We really loved the attention!  Thanks.

Yes, she is right - we are having a Ball! 

Savannah Cats are domesticated hybrids off-springs from the African Servals.  In November 2008, I went off to A1 Savannahs in the US to see and it was a delightful experience to hold, cuddle and kiss these beautiful creatures. 

Along with unbeatable hospitality provided by Martin & Kathrin Stucki, their Staff and Children, I found meeting and handling hand reared baby Servals a lifetime experience.

When I returned to A1 Savannahs the second day, these Serval babies recognised me and run to greet me!  It was a magnificent feeling that I constantly recall to mind.

I watched Martin and Kathrin handled and played with both baby and adult Servals and it was awesome!  On examining  every stage of the Savannah Cat development at A1 Savannahs from Servals and F1 Savannahs right through to the SBT cats,  it soon became apparent that even I as an eagerly discerning Savannah Cat Breeder still had a great deal to learn.  It was a pleasure to actually see and respect the work that has already been done by A1 Savannahs and all other Savannah Breeders who have worked real hard to develop the breed to its current stage. 

Click here to see Savannah Cats and Kittens video footage of real beautiful Savannah Cats in a domestic home.  Contact us to reserve your very own Savannah Cat or Savannah Kitten.

Please take care of your cats if you are going to let them outside this winter.  ...
Click here to find out why.

We have added the following pages to this site:

Articles on Strawbell Cats
Bengals Kittens Growing Up


Read the latest articles on FeeBee's adventure!

We are dealing with a death in the family during early August.  If you have experienced delays in our response to emails or telephone calls, please accept our apologies.  We will respond to each and every one of you shortly after the 8th September 2008.

Thank you for your interest in Strawbell Pedigree Cats.

Strawbell Pedigree Cats won a cat Breeder Award!

"The Pet Community Cat Breeder award is handed out to special Cat Breeders websites which meet our criteria by providing excellent informative content on your specialised cat breed, excellent website design and most importantly that your website shows that you devote a lot of time and energy to the improvement of your specialised cat breed. This award is to say your hard work in creating and running your Cat Breeders website is appreciated and acknowledged by pet lovers within our own online pet community".

Yes, this is one of Strawbell's Savannah Stud cats called Hot Spot which the BBC used to show a good example of an F5 Savannah Cat.  No, it is not my Cattery that was destroyed!  Read more.....

Interesting news on the potential reintroduction of Vet Prescription Charges. 
 Read more.....

Another new Bengal litter born today produce by Glitterglam Boldface!

This is an interesting article on Pyometra ..... Read

New Bengal litter born today.  Everything went well!  Look...

Healthier hearts for cat owners......  Read this...

First of all we apologise for the delay in updating this page and your requests for regular updates has been granted.

Strawbell and their four legged companions would like to say a big "THANK YOU" to all of our existing customers and to each and every one of you on our waiting lists for Bengal and Savannah kittens.  We welcome your support!

Click here to see what viewers are saying about Hot Gossip,
one of our Bengal Queens.  Enjoy reading!

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