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Savannah Love Bengals
We just love this Savannah girl.  She has a black nose and brilliant Serval looks!
We want her to produce Stunning Savannah show Cats and kittens!!

See her photographs below!

(Savannah to Savannah) mating

Strawbell Pedigree Cats  Breeder.

This Savannah Kitten has great ears, stunning eyes, remarkable teardrops,
 a black nose and much much more!!! What can we say? 

She will be excellent for Strawbell Pedigree Cats Savannah breeding Program.
(Savannah to Savannah) mating

Pictured above at just (2) months old she is an excellent balance for
one of Strawbell Pedigree Cats
Savannah to Savannah mating Stud boys.

(Savannah to Savannah) mating

This Savannah girl is just waiting for anything to come her way!

(Savannah to Savannah) mating


This Savannah Kitten is growing into a real beautiful Savannah Breeding Queen.
A Savannah Cat that gets more and more beautiful every day!

(Savannah to Savannah) mating


  I am now over 1 year old - look at me below:-

This Savannah Cat has really matured from a Savannah Kitten to a top class Savannah Cat
and is a perfect for our Savannah Breeding range.


Lost for words!  What a beautiful Savannah Cat - Just perfect!


I look just like my mum!

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Picture Credits: Donna Peynado of Strawbell Pedigree Cats & A1 Savannahs