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  Your Bengal Kitten or Savannah kitten is not a matured cat and some times, all the stress of the move to it's new home could cause an upset stomach.  To avoid added stress we suggest you keep your Bengal or Savannah kittens on the same food their digestive systems are accustomed to and if this problem occurs, it should disappear in a few days or so.  If it does not, please take your Bengal Kitten, or Savannah Kitten to the Vet for further advice.  In the meantime, ensure your kitten has plenty of fresh water available and constant access to a clean private litter tray.

Consider retaining the same cat litter we recommended as a litter change might confuse your Bengal Kitten or Savannah Kitten.  We do not recommend clumping litter for any kitten.  It could stick to their feet which they will attempt to lick off, and could result in an impacted stomach, (should this incident ever occur, please take your kitten to a vet immediately).

We use a pine pellet litter only putting a little at a time.  We notice they play in the tray for a while and then climb out and go to sleep.  The tray is usually full and ready to be refreshed with new litter!

Your new Bengal Kitten or Savannah Kitten will anxiously want to explore its new home and family.  In the process of doing so, they might soon forget the litter tray when in a hurry and accidents might occur.  This will not be their intention and hence, it is recommended that you keep at least two litter trays in the house, one on each floor.  This could prevent unwanted accidents.  Start with, a full hooded litter tray without the flapping Lid.  This very young kitten just over a month old followed his mum into the Litter Tray and used it.  They get in and out of the big full hooded litter tray without a problem.

If your Bengal Kitten or Savannah Kitten is reluctant to use the tray it may be for a number of reasons.  Some of those reasons could be because:-

1. It is too small
2. It is not clean
3. It is too near their food bowls·
4. It was cleaned with a chemical that is too strong smelling
5. Your kitten does not like the texture of the litter you have chosen.
Try to keep your Bengal or Savannah kitten in a small room until it is confident and feels safe.  You will know when it is ready to take on other challenges as the kitten will come running to you as you enter the room.  Keep a watch on your kitten.  If it seems to be in distress and constantly wondering from corner to corner crying, pick it up and place it in the litter tray.  Repeat this action until it can find the litter tray on its own.

At all times food, water, a cosy bed and a litter tray should be in easy reach of your kitten. This will ensure little or no accidents and good litter tray habits.
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