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Savannah Cats are a new breed of cat and considered to be the largest of the domestic cat.  The first known Savannah kitten was born in mid 1980s breed by Judee Frank.  With the assistance of Joyce Sroufe and her persistence the breed has now advanced to a recognisable stage in The International Cat Association, (TICA).

The Savannah Cat breed comes from mating an African Serval cat to a domestic cat which produced a relatively large, elegant and graceful spotted cat with huge ears.  These resultant cats are intelligent, loyal and social companions with unchallenging temperaments.  An example of some of these kittens owned by and residing at Strawbell Pedigree Cats are pictured above and left.

The coat of a Savannah cat, as defined by TICA Breed Standards is short to medium in length with a slightly coarse feel to it; a coat that has remarkable substance and texture.  Coarser guard hairs cover a softer undercoat, though the spots have a notably softer texture.

The Savannah Cat's coat is not inordinately dense and lies relatively flat against the body.  The Savannah Cat's coat should be medium in length with excellent substance and texture.  It carries course guard hairs to cover a softer under coat whilst the spots have a softer texture.
  The tail of a Savannah Cat should be medium length and thick - should not reach the floor when standing.

The International Cat Association currently recognised three colours for the Savannah Cat breed
Brown Spotted Savannah Cat. Silver Spotted Savannah Cat.
Smoke Spotted Savannah Cat
Regardless of the colour of the Savannah Cat its lips must be black.  It should also have prominent black tear duct lines on the inner sides of each eye as shown in this photo to the left of a F2 black nose Savannah Cat owned by A1 Savannahs.

The leather on the nose of the spotted Savannah Cats could be brick red, solid black or black with a light red or pink line running down the centre in black.

The Savannah Cat paws should be deep charcoal or brownish black.  Each Savannah Cat generation is defined by Foundations as follows:-

·     F1 description has a Serval as a parent

·     F2 description has a Serval as a grand parent

·     F3 description has a Serval as a great grand parent.

·     F4 description has a Serval as a great, great grand parent.

 The F5 description is five generations removed from the Serval cat Strawbell Neu is a great example of an F5 Savannah Cat. 

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Savannah Picture credits Donna Peynado & A1 Savannahs
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