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December 2018

Find out Strawbell Pedigree Cats Savannah Kittens availability by emailing info@strawbellcats.co.uk

All who have waited and finally collected your kittens!  Thank you!

Thank you for your patience when booking your Strawbell Savannah Cat and Kittens.

Strawbell Ayliaah



Savannah to Savannah Female
Strawbell Aaliyah

Feedback from Aaliyah's new parents: 

"Thank you so much for Aaliyah she is amazing she's so funny and brave and she has a purr that's like a motor bike she loves to play and give us lots of cuddles shes so loving she even cry's at the door when i put washing on the line because she misses me steve has to cuddle her until I'm back inside to stop her. she's a dream come true a little angel and shelby loves her too! They give each other kisses all the time and play together. She's already learnt how to play fetch with various things ie paper balls socks straws etc and she carry's tea light candles around the house and leaves them places for us to find.

All the best

Steve Mel shelby & Aaliyah



Savannah Kitten born at Strawbell Pedigree Cats.
Strawbell Smartie Savannah Kitten Playing

Savannah to Savannah Female
Strawbell Smartie

Strawbell Smartie has a yellow base thick coat with dark
brown spotting.  Her tummy is completely white - she gets the "WOW"
factor from all of Strawbell's visitors.  She is one of
a litter of four delightful girls!

Savannah to Savannah Female

Strawbell Zarla
- Sold

Strawbell Zarla at one month old!  She has big bold black spots and a
cream background coat.  A rich Serval black nose - she is one of the biggest
Savannah kittens we have seen - real good size!

Strawbell Bronz drinking water
Savannah to Savannah Female
Strawbell Bronz

A Female Savannah beauty at nearly two months old!  She
is a true delight with chocolate deeply rich spotting and a cream background
coat which nicely defines her chocolate spots all over her head,
body and right down to her toes!  Her black nose also
makes her oh so sweet!

Strawbell Lady Parla -

This beautiful solidly marked Silver Savannah Kitten is just 3 months old
and is a good size already with a strong long body and legs! 
She carries a distinctive black Serval nose!

Strawbell Lady Belamy -

This girl is so, so sweet - her coat is just beautiful, her
body is sturdy, long lean and strong.  Lady Belamy's tail is
short and her eyes are reddish gold!  She was completely
white at birth and as she gets older, her colour matures.

Her temperament is extremely mild and mellow.

Strawbell Tsrinda, Female Savannah Kitten
enjoying life with Dean & Andrew.  They all went to meet Whoopi Goldberg!

Strawbell Bold Platinum and Strawbell TotoValanche
are two excellent Savannah Kittens who will
supply Chris and family with a lot of love and affection.

Strawbell Khan is pictured here at 5 months old, he is
a Male Savannah Kitten enjoying life with Sarah.


A Strawbell Female F6 Savannah Kitten

Strawbell Angel - Female Savannah Kitten
Pictured at 4 months old.
Boasting long legs, a richly black deep dense coat,
short thick tail and warm temperament.

Strawbell Savannah Male Kitten at 3 months old
Strawbell Teddie is sold and off to Scotland!

New Savannah Litter on the block at 3 weeks old.

Above - New Litter on the block at 3 weeks old!

Strawbell Savannah kittens have had a phenomenal selection of worldwide
.followers interested in their progress from the time we announced their birth! 

 Thanks to you all and enjoy reading on their progress below!

Picture Credits Denise Rowsell.
Above is Strawbell Lilly - here is what her Parents had to say:-

"Hi Donna, Lily is Great!! We truly enjoy her. We have so much fun with her. She loves to play all the time… She especially loves to play fetch.  She also loves to lie in front of the fire place and sleep, when it’s down time for her… Please find attached a copy of pictures. 



Picture Credits: Bridget Hugo.

Above is Strawbell BuBu.  BuBu is one of the Seven Strawbell F6 Savannah Kittens mentioned below.  He is a good strong lad and well looked after by Guiseppi and Bridget his new owners!  Perfect for their Breeding Program.  Thanks to you both!

Above are two Strawbell Bengals and two Strawbell Savannah Kittens
used as leg warmers for Gillian!

Two of the Strawbell Savannah Kittens are from the litter of seven F6 Savannah babies below kindly updating us on their progress so far.    Thanks to Gillian from Top Cats UK!


Pictured here at 2 weeks, 2.5 months and 9 months old we have a real beauty called
Strawbell Sophie.  She is a Savannah to Savannah mated Female without
 a rib bar in sight and a sandy golden contrasted background.

This Strawbell Savannah girl has all the tricks of the trade on how to be loved!  She
creeps up to you and just taps you.  When she has your attention, then she will purr!

Strawbell Kyokie is a female Savannah to Savannah mated kitten
shown here at 2 weeks and 4 months old.

This girl is a stunner!  Her temperament is outstanding and she will purr for
 the duration of the time you hold her.  We believe she has figured out that if she keeps purring, it would be difficult for any cat lover to put her down.

Strawbell Foxi is a Savannah to Savannah Male

His photos above were take at 2 weeks, 1 month and 2.5 months old.  He has
really long legs, unbroken stripes from his head through to his tail and rich, rich dark spotting
around his body.  He carries a short fat tail that permanently sits on top of his back.

We just adore this boy - he will walk up to you and if you ignore him he will tap you
so as to attract your full attention.

Strawbell Sabor -  Male Savannah to Savannah mated Kitten pictured here at
2.5 weeks, 2 months, 4.5 months old and 9 months old. 

Strawbell Sabor now lives with his new family and we understand he is fearless, well loved
and amuses his entire family. The third photo to the right above shows Strawbell Sabor in his new
home.  Thanks to his new owners for submitting this to us!

Picture Credits: Bridget Hugo
Above - Strawbell Mosco is just adorable.  As you can see
she has developed ears a good bred Savannah to Savannah mated Kitten can be proud of!

 Strawbell Mosco was pictured at 2.5 weeks, 1 month and 4.5 months old. 
She is now with her new family who adores her and we believe it is
safe to say she is a a real Princess!

 Please note, registration certificates will only be released by Strawbell Pedigree Cats after the appropriate kitten reaches six months of age and we receive certified proof of neutering from a qualified Vet.
Our Savannah Kittens will go to their new homes:-
  • TICA Litter registered
  • Fully litter trained
  • Acclimatised to a warm and friendly family home environment
  • Highly socialised
  • Insured for four weeks with Pet Plan Insurance
  • Vaccinated for flu and enteritis
  • Vet health checked twice
  • Micro-chipped
  • With continuous support and advice from Strawbell Pedigree Cats


Savannah Kitten Prices:-

The Savannah Cat is a result of breeding an African Serval with a spotted domestic short hair cat. 

These Savannah cats are popular for their large ears, long slender body and most importantly their dog-like loving personality.  We can definitely confirm that.

The Savannah Cat is a new and uncommon breed of cat in the UK and well sought after.

It takes a great deal of time to mate a Serval Cat to a Domestic cat for the production of an F1 Savannah Female Kitten.  It is the F1 Savannah Female Cats that is needed to start the Savannah breeding process.  

The process of producing a strong healthy and compassionate Strawbell Savannah to Savannah bred kitten takes time, hard work and a lot of persistence.  Strawbell Pedigree Savannah to Savannah mated cats and kittens will receive first class care from Feline certified and Qualified Carers from birth until you collect them at the tender age of 13 weeks old. 

This will include:

  1. One of the most important aspects of their life - their first and second protective injections.
  2. TICA Litter registered.
  3. 24 hour supervision from birth up until collection of your Savannah kittens.
  4. Fed the best protein and vitamin diet available.
  5.  Feeding information for you to follow.
  6.  Micro-chipped for your your piece of mind.
  7.  4 weeks free insurance from the date you collect your Savannah Kitten.
  8.  Fully socialised and intermingled with family life.
  9.  Fully litter trained.
  10.  Savannah Cats or Savannah kittens de-flea and de-wormed.
  11.  Fully examined and checked by a Vet twice for good health.
  12.  A full Pedigree Certificate detailing four parent generation.

email: info@strawbellcats.co.uk

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