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  We must all bear in mind that your Bengal Kittens and Savannah kittens will be leaving the only home they knew, their mum, security and general surroundings for the first time.  The Savannah Cat have no idea that we intend taking care of them in an environment they will come to love.  Until they feel that sense of security, we need to be really patient and cautious of their needs.

To help your Bengal Kitten or Savannah kitten manage this situation, we will not release them from their birth environment until they are 13 weeks old.  By this time, their mother would have weaned them, taught them how to play, use the litter tray and tidy themselves.

When the new Bengal or Savannah kitten arrives home, try to carry out the safety precautions you would generally take when an infant is around.

Ensure all windows and doors to your new home are closed.  Remember, your kitten will investigate every situation. It will not be aware that some situations are potentially dangerous to cats.  If appropriate, place a guard in front of your fireplace.

Initially, introduce your Bengal Cat or Savannah kitten to a very small room where it is easy for it to become acquainted with.  A few basic but important reminders are to avoid changing the food your new kitten previously ate and ensure a clean litter tray, feeding and water bowls are placed in the room so that it can easily be reached by your kitten.

Avoid placing any litter trays near feeding areas so as to maintain appropriate hygiene habits.   Do make all efforts to keep your litter trays clear of solids at all times.  We disinfect litter trays with bleach every day and leave it to dry before re-use.

Inform all children that your new Bengal Kitten or Savannah kitten should not be picked up until the kitten feels safe enough to freely approach them in its own time.  They must stop playing with the kitten if it gets distress.

Try to spend every hour you can with your Savannah Kitten or Bengal Kitten.  It may ignore you at first, but this will only happen for a short while until you both become friends.  Try not to let your kitten venture from the small environment until it is comfortable with you, your family and new home.  This will usually take around two to three days.  If you force your Bengal or Savannah kitten to widen out too soon, litter tray accidents could occur!  This will only happen if it has lost it's way, or the litter tray needs cleaning.

In no time, your Bengal Kitten or Savannah Kitten will be comfortable in it's new home.  As it grows, it will become very active so please do allow plenty of time to play with them.

Your Bengal Kittens or Savannah kittens will all be vaccinated and litter trained before you collect them.  You will also receive Six weeks free Pet Plan Insurance to commence the day you collect your kitten.  Please try to continue this insurance without a break for your own peace of mind

Enjoy your new Bengal or Savannah Cat family member!

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