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Below we have a sample of our Savannah to Savannah mated breeding Queens.

Our Strawbell Pedigree Cats are all Savannah to Savannah Mated
This Savannah Breeding queen has great size, type, large ears, perfectly spotted
 and heavy bones and we cannot wait to see her litter of kittens.

(Savannah to Savannah) mating.

Another Strawbell Breeder - This Savannah to Savannah mated girl again tick all the boxes with the desired assets of an
early generation cat.  One of our Breeding Queens .

(Savannah to Savannah) mating.

A1 Savannahs Lady Athena is our Savannah to Savannah mated
Queen.  This girl reminds me so much of a Cheetah, one of my favorite cats. 
She boasts a perfect Serval like nose, with a pink stripe going down the middle of it. 
Her coat is deeply spotted on a rich honey colored back ground. 

Lady Athena's legs are very long.  When she jumps she does it so gracefully,
it seems as though she is flying through the air. 

Lady Athena has a wonderfully regal temperament which she has passed on to her babies.

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