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Welcome to Strawbell Pedigree Cats! 

Please feel free to contact us to discuss purchasing arrangements for your selected Savannah Cats and Savannah Kittens or Bengal Cats and Bengal Kittens.

To reserve any of our cats and kittens, we will require a deposit of £100.  The remaining balance must be paid in full before your kitten or cat comes home.

All deposits
are acknowledged within seven working days from receipt.

We will take all such steps as may reasonably be required to fulfil our obligation to provide you with a Bengal Kitten or Savannah Kitten in the normal course of business.

Should a Purchaser inform us they no longer intend to take their selected Kitten, (for what ever reason) or failed to make contact on the date mutually agreed to collect it; the paid deposit will not be refunded. 

We will refund the deposit if we cannot provide you with a Bengal or Savannah Cat. 


Contact Us on:
email: info@strawbellcats.co.uk
web: www.strawbellcats.co.uk

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