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I am Glitterglam Hot Gossip, a Strawbell Bengal breeding Queens with my second litter of five Bengal Kittens born on 22nd September 2008. 

When time permits, we will share updates of their progress on this page until they are around 13 weeks of age.

The Bengal Stud directly to my left is the father of these Bengal Kittens - his name is Bambino Wildcard and he lives here at Strawbell Pedigree Cats.  We call him Buddy the Giant! 

I had five Bengal kitten's. Four brown spotted and one blue eyed snow spotted.  Three girls and two boys.  The Bengal Snow Kitten is a female. 

On the 25-Sep-08, the third day after giving birth to these super Bengal Kittens I am proud to say they are all now cleaned up and settled in to my own Bengal cat den; located in my human parent's main bedroom.  Yes, before the birth of my Bengal Kittens, I just kept running up there until they gave in and secured a lovely insulated den for me, right next to the warm radiator.  It was equipped with nice warm bedding inside with a towel on it.  I just could not believe she was worried about the bed being messed up at such an important stage of my labour, so, I tore that towel off quick sharp and snuggled into the plush bed. 

I just cannot not help being a bully during labour and shortly after birth.  My human mother cannot leave the room, otherwise I would just scream and scream and threaten to call the RSPCA.  In particular when she tried to fall asleep claiming tiredness.....  I must have sole attention during labour!

At times she would run out of the room shutting the door behind her returning back about five minutes later with meals for both of us!  Give her her dues though, she ensured we were kept really warm!

This is an important factor for new born Bengal or any other kittens.  I instinctively know my kittens would be unable to regulate their own body temperature if they get cold.  This could have a serious impact on them causing slow reaction and inability to feed or absorb their breast milk effectively.

I have to take breaks at times and promptly return to ensure they are comfortable.  I returned at one point and Oh no! they seemed restless and all over the place.  Now I am sure someone was taking photos of them, have to start the cleaning process all over again now.

My kittens are one month and four days old already and just beautiful.  Look at them below:-

One month 4 days old

Above, we are one month 4 days old!


Here are each of them below at 3 months old and off they go to their new homes!

Bye Girls & Boys!
Love from Mum!

email: info@strawbellcats.co.uk
website: www.strawbellcats.co.uk

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