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  Strawbell Pedigree Cats Bengal KittenThe Bengal Cat Breed came into existence in the 1970s by crossing a wild Asian Leopard Cat with a domestic pedigree cat.

The Asian Leopard Cat has very small ears, robust large wide eyes, a spotted coat with a white spotted tummy.

Bengals Cats that are four or more generations removed from the wild Asian Leopard Cat ancestor should be a loving, highly intelligent domesticated Bengal cat with a fabulous personality and wild exotic appearance.

Bengals Cats are breed to mimic the Asian Leopard Cat's appearance with the added benefits of a lively, interactive domesticated behaviour with normal litter tray habits. Strawbell Pedigree Cats Bengal Kitten drinking water

Bengal Cats and Kittens love playing in water.  This is a habit developed from their ancestors the Asian Leopard Cat who usually swim in their natural environment.  It is really interesting to see Bengal Cats clear water bowls by using their paws to move the water from side to side before taking a drink!  Where ever there is water, most Bengal cats will be attracted to it.

engal Cats have unique colours ranging from brown & black spots, black rosette spots to brown & black marbled, snow spotted and snow marbled.  The Bengal Cat's coat is dense and sleek and should have a glittering effect of gold when exposed to light.  Their tummies are also covered in spots.

The Bengal Cat's eyes are large almond shaped and their heads should be, small with a narrow muzzle.  They carry a thick tail which should not be too long and it must be spotted or ringed with a black tip.  Their stomachs are of a lighter shade than their main colour, matching their throat and under chin and again covered in spots.

he Bengal male cat tend to be around 14lbs and the females are less, averaging around 10lbs.  Bengal Male cats are slightly larger and more muscular than the ordinary domestic cat.  Their bodies are longer averaging between 25 - 32 inches.

We recommend you vaccinate your Bengal Cat against flu and enteritis every anniversary of the date your Breeder first injected your kitten.  Do seek further advice from your Vet on giving your Bengal Cat a Felv injection and protective measures against infectious diseases when taking your Bengal cat to Cat shows or leaving them in a Cattery.Bengal Kittens playing at Strawbell Pedigree Cats

Your Bengal Cat will love all the attention you can provide for it.  It would be a good idea to set aside valuable time to train and play with them.
  Ensure they are provided with safe toys to play with.  My Bengal Cats prefer paper scrunched into a ball and thrown across the room and they will play fetch for a good while! 

It is important to ensure that your Bengal Kittens are not destructive and if they are, do try to discipline them in a kind and consistent way as they are very intelligent and easily trained.

In general, Bengal Cats and Bengal Kittens and young children make great companions.  Always deter your Bengal kitten from playing
rough or biting especially amongst young children. The same goes for Children, they must never handle a kitten or adult cat in an aggressive way.

We will provide you with guidance and re-homing advice should your circumstances change and you are no longer able to look after your Bengal.  The Bengal Cat Club may also assist in re-homing Bengal cats.
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