Strawbell Pedigree Cats Bengal Kitten at one month old.
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Welcome to Strawbell Bengal Kitten List!
Go here to see two Bengal Kittens growing up with their adopted Savannah family!

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  Strawbell Pedigree Cats Bengal Kitten

Please note - there is a current demand and waiting list for all Strawbell Pedigree Kittens.

 Customers placing deposits on Strawbell Pedigree Kittens will be notified when their kittens are born and updated on their progress prior to collection! 


               Thank you for your current interest in Strawbell Pedigree Kittens.



Thank You!


As Bengal kittens becomes available, you can reserve the kitten of your choice by contacting us to discuss Bengal Cat Pricing, Deposits and Purchasing Arrangements.

Deposits are not refundable unless we cannot provide you with a Bengal kitten
All of our Bengal Cats and Bengal Kittens will go to their new homes with:-
  1. One of the most important aspect of their life which is their first and second protective injections.

  2. 24 hour supervision from birth up until collection of your Bengal kittens.

  3. Fed the best diet available for your Bengal Cats and Bengal Kittens before they leave.

  4.  A diet menu for you to follow when your Bengal Cat or Kitten reaches its new home.
  5.  Micro-chipped so your Bengal Cat or Bengal kitten could easily be identified as yours.

  6.  4 weeks free insurance from the date you collect your Bengal Cat or Bengal Kitten.

  7.  Socialisation of your Bengal Cat or Bengal Kitten intermingled with a loving family life.

  8.  Fully trained to used the litter tray.

  9.  Bengal Cats or Bengal kittens that are free from fleas and worms.

  10.  Fully examined and checked by a Vet twice for good health.

  11.  A full Pedigree Certificate detailing four parent generation.

  12.  Wormed twice before leaving Strawbell Pedigree Cats.
  13. TICA Litter registered.

Bengal Cat Pricing

Strawbell Pedigree Cats will only breed from good Bengal breeding stock to produce Bengal Kittens of outstanding quality. 

  • Each of our Bengal Cats or Bengal Kittens will be appraised and priced individually according to Pet/Show and or breeding quality. 
  • Bengal Cat Studs and Bengal Cat Queens will only be offered for sale at our discretion. 

Do contact us to discuss your requirements.

Contact us by:

web Site:
Telephone: 07717 800071