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Articles on Strawbell Pedigree Cats

From time to time we will publish articles on the mischievous Savannah Cats and Kittens and
Bengal Cats and Kittens living at Strawbell Pedigree Cats - so keep checking back for updates!

Articles on Strawbell Cats
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Savannah Love Bengals
Article 1

29th August 2008 - Article written by Donna Peynado of Strawbell Pedigree Cats.

  Sabrina - Where were you?

Article 2
22nd September 2008 a new Bengal Kitten litter was born at Strawbell Pedigree Cats. Click on the link below to watch them grow.

 Watch a litter of Bengal Cats growing up! 

Strawbell Pedigree Cats Bengal Kitten Tootsie

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