Serval photo taken by Strawbell Pedigree Cats
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Serval photo taken an A1 Savannahs by Strawbell Pedigree CatsThe African Serval is a medium sized exotic wild cat.  It is not a domestic cat. 

The African Serval's length is around 24 to 43 inches and that does not include the its tail which is a short thick ringed tail of around 12 to 18 inches long. 

The Serval has an approximate shoulder height ranging from 21 to 24 inches. Their weight can range from approximately 20-44 lbs with a life expectancy of approximately 12-20 years.  The African Serval Cat is slender in built, with unusually long legs and a short thick tail. 

The Serval have bold black spots on yellowish brown/golden background.  The African Serval has large ears that sits close together on top of their heads. 

Each ear has a white spot on it that is amazingly attractive to the human eye as can be seen from the very first Serval picture above.Serval photograph taken by Strawbell Pedigree Cats at A1s

Servals blossom on fresh meat based diets such as rodents, lizards, frogs, crabs, birds and insects.  They will not thrive on a vegetarian diet.

Savannah Cats are domesticated hybrids off-springs from the African Servals.  In November 2008, I went off to A1 Savannahs in the US to see and it was a delightful experience to hold, cuddle and kiss these beautiful creatures.  When I returned to A1 Savannahs the second day, these Serval babies recognised me and run to greet me! 

It was a magnificent feeling that I constantly recall to mind.  Along with unbeatable hospitality provided by Martin & Kathrin Stucki, their Staff and Children, I found meeting and handling hand reared baby Servals a lifetime experience.  They even sat and read magazines with me!  Picture of Serval

I watched Martin and Kathrin handled and played with both baby and adult Servals and it was awesome! 

On examining  every stage of the Savannah Cat development from Servals and F1 Savannah cats right through to the SBT cats,  it soon became apparent that even I as an eagerly discerning Savannah Cat Breeder still had a great deal to learn.  It was a pleasure to actually see and respect the work that has already been done by All Savannah Breeders who have worked real hard to develop the breed to its current stage. 

New update on Strawbell Pedigree Cats very own Serval coming soon!!!
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A1 Savannahs Ambassador Nemo male Serval.  Owner: A1 Savannahs


A1 Savannahs Dea Serval female.  Owner: A1 Savannahs

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