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Please note - at this time (February 2018), there is a two month waiting list for Savannah Kittens!

For those of you who have waited and finally collected your kittens!  Thank you - we know you will look after them.

Thank you for your patience when booking your Strawbell Savannah Cats and Kittens.

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Welcome to Strawbell Pedigree Cats - the producers of Top Quality Bengal and Savannah cats and Kittens!

A Savannah Cat is a hybrid off-springs of an
African Serval  CatWe can provide you with free Professional Advice on owning and caring for Pedigree Savannah Cats and kitten.

Our Pedigree Savannah cats and Bengal Cats are cared for by highly qualified individuals who are Distinctively Certified and Qualified in Feline Health Care; and our In-house Trainer.  We all love the wonderful Savannah Cats and Savannah Kittens - they are our Hobby.  trawbell Savannah Cats are some of the UK's Top Savannah Cats, including the
famous Savannah Cat Tara", owned by Strawbell Pedigree Cats who is the star of the Cat Collector's Magazine in England and widely referred to in the worldwide Media.

Feedback from our existing Strawbell Savannah Cats and kkttens and Pedigree Bengal Cat and kitten owners states:  "I am astonished at the loving temperament, size and beauty of our kitten we collected from you, he is now a member of our family - the long wait was worth it - thanks".

Another owner of two of Strawbell's homebred Pedigree Savannah kittens said "I have done a thorough research before making our final decision and we noticed immediately that your kittens were really loved and handled - we want two more when they become available". 

Some of our Savannah Cats and Savannah Kittens are
TV and Radio Stars!  They were featured on the "Five Live" Radio Show, Starred on The Paul O'Grady shown on Channel 4, sitting on top of empires and one of them, Martinique (otherwise known as her model name Tara) modeled as the collector's item issue 32 of "The Cat Collection" magazine!

You will get more beautiful
benefits when you collect your Pedigree Savannah cats or Savannah kittens from Strawbell Pedigree cats.  You can find yourself playing with them all day if you have the time!  Each Savannah kitten is fully vaccinated, micro-chipped, insured with Pet Plan for four weeks, GCCF and or TICA litter registered and checked twice by our very reliable Vet.

Most importantly, you will gain a new family member with an excellent and homely start in life, a loving temperament driven by a family that enjoys looking after and caring for cats and kittens.  Learn more about Savannah Cats and Savannah Kittens by reading our frequently asked questions page.  You are sure to benefit from some, if not all of the information there.

Book and
reserve your Bengal Kitten or Savannah kitten us with big personality and or unique spots from our kitten list.  Do feel free to call us for some help and friendly advice with getting your home ready to received your Pedigree Bengal or Savannah cat or kitten.  Do contact us to discuss your feline requirements.

Please note, We can only confirm your kitten for sale is assigned to you after receiving your
deposit in cleared funds.

Your Top Class Savannah cat or kitten from Strawbell Pedigree Cats will be fully and highly sociable;
 Insured for four weeks from collection date; micro chipped; Vet checked twice; fully vaccinated; wormed; pedigree certified with on-going after care and support from us.

We are based in the UK London area and respect and enjoy each and every individual kitten born in our home.  They receive lots of tender love and care giving them the opportunity to grow and develop their own personalities resulting in confident, fully sociable Savannah cats with glowing warm temperaments - making ideal companions.

As a hobby breeder, we aim to produce domestic exotic looking kittens from the highly sought after
Bengal cats and Savannah cats with spotted coats and type aligned as closely as possible to TICA and or GCCF standards.  To top it all, your Pedigree cat or kitten will have the built in strength of a Strawbell kitten, with their well sought after dog like temperament.  We will be very selective as to where and to who we place our cats with in line with our terms and condition.

We are proud of the kittens we produce and as we evaluate each and every Pedigree kitten as an individual - we love and want to keep them all, but we cannot!  Therefore, when you choose and finally collect your Savannah kitten branded with the Strawbell sweet natured, heart warming and cuddly temperament, you will automatically become a member of the "Strawbell Family".

We really love to keep reasonably close
contact with you all to know how each and every extended member of Strawbell Pedigree cats and kittens that go to their new homes are getting on.  

This will include Foundation level cats referred to as breeding F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 and F6 kittens through to "Stud Book Tradition" cats, otherwise known in the Breeding world as SBTs.

We can ship your Pedigree cats and kittens across Europe and all over the world.  Please remember, before selecting or buying any cat or kitten, do take the time to review our
free advice on how to take care of a domestic, Hybrid Savannah Cat and Kitten plus more information on feeding cats on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.  This advice on the Bengal and Savannah Cat and on-going support is extended to all cats and kitten owners. 

Go ahead and
contact us now to discuss your requirements.

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